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The Startbase platform helps your company become visible and your development to be seen! Create a profile and manage your information with the ease of a few clicks.

Keep track! Manage newsstream-like watchlists and follow recent ecosystem news.

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We strongly believe that the German ecosystem can further leverage its power, if it becomes more connected and transparent! That``s where we come in!

Our platform standardizes information, facilitates online discovery, supports to gain exposure, and will foster access to funding. Starting out, we focus on simplifying the way startups can find and connect with investors, corporates, and other meaningful organizations from Germany and abroad.


There are many databases around out there. Yet, we are the first to provide a platform where startups, investors and others from the German ecosystem can meet, connect and interact.

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Added: 07.05.2019
Updated: 26.09.2019
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We are building a central, digital platform to discover and interact with startups, investors, and other meaningful organizations.
  • 2019
  • 1-10 Employees
  • GmbH i.Gr.
  • Stuttgart, DE