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Fully-automatic & self-learning thermostats that heat non-residential buildings only when used. Recognizes open windows and learns pre-heating times. With our online-platform, we offer a digital heat management solution.

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Join our climate mission and save heating costs effortlessly! Avoid the free-riding problem of employees not turning off their radiators because they do not pay the energy bill. By using our fully-automated thermostats, your organization can save up to 32% of its energy costs and CO2-emissions.


We developed a solution that enables organizations to save energy costs and reduce their CO2-footprint effortlessly. Our solution requires small investments and saves up to 32% of costs and emissions. The digital heat management is based on self-learning radiator thermostats with an integrated presence detection.

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vilisto GmbH

vilisto saves companies and municipalities up to 32% of heating energy without any effort for the customers by using fully automated radiator thermostats.