OCELL digital forest management tools allow customers to finally move away from their century old tools and processes and tap into the great new world of digital efficiency and productivity.

Landwirtschaft & Forstwirtschaft

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We digitize a sleeping giant: The forestry industry.

With our data and analytics we increase efficiency and save up to 121$ per hectare.

Globally there are 4 billion hectares of forests, which need tending and better forest management.


Better access to data allows for deeper insights into global forests. Our data is 100x more scalable than drone-based data and 30x better than satellite data, while being at least 20x cheaper for our customers.

Our deep neural networks extract meaningful information and provide actionable insights.

OCELL Team Members

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Erzeugung und Analysen von Luftbildern basierend auf KI.
  • 2018
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • OCELL GmbH
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  • Gilching, DE