Startup of the Month · November 2019

Brighter AI

Founders_Brighter AI

1. Why did you found your startup, which problem do you address and how do you solve it?

For many innovation use cases like autonomous vehicles or smart cities, vast amounts of camera data are needed. This raises severe privacy concerns – especially with facial recognition technology getting more advanced. As blurring does not work for analytics and machine learning, we developed Deep Natural Anonymization. Our software generates artificial objects such as faces and license plates to enable both, privacy protection and analytics/AI.

2. What gave you the idea to found Brighter AI?

We were working on computer vision solutions to enhance cameras and needed publicly-recorded training data. But with GDPR, this was not easy to obtain and we saw a great opportunity in solving the mentioned problem of having either usable data or privacy. It became clear very quickly that this is a huge problem that many companies face.

3. What is special about your business-model, what are you doing differently?

When we talk about AI and startups today, most people think that data privacy regulations are a problem for us in Europe. We combined the two topics to create something new – a data privacy solution that is based on AI. Our solution is one of the first commercial applications worldwide based on generative neural networks.

4. What was your greatest success so far?

Besides having developed a privacy solutions that empowers companies to process camera data with more social responsibility, it was great for us to be named “Europe’s Hottest AI Startup” by Nvidia!

5. What is your biggest need/your next challenge?

As we have recently closed a multi-million funding round, our biggest need is currently to find outstanding people to strengthen our diverse team and bring Brighter AI to the next level.

6. What would you recommend other founders?

If you spot a big opportunity, you should work hard on it, no matter how crazy it sounds at first. Also, social impact matters!

7. Where did your founders meet?

Our founders Marian and Patrick met during an autonomous driving meetup that Patrick initiated. Then, they worked together in the incubator of the automotive company HELLA, where Brighter AI was spun off.  

8. Where do you see your startup in 3 years?

With the recent funding, we are now quickly growing the team to more than 30 employees. In terms of clients, we are expanding beyond our first focus vertical automotive into areas like public transportation. In 3 years, we want to be recognized as a standard for image data collection in public. Also, we might have a satellite office – most likely in the US, where privacy regulations are getting stronger next year.

9. Do you have an office cat / dog / turtle…?

A turtle sounds great! Currently the occasionally visiting squirrels on our terrace are enough entertainment.

10. Who is the superbrain in your team and what is his/her superpower?

Besides our AI, there are a lot of human superbrains in our team. If you have one, please apply at 😉

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